At Smoke-Box.com, we believe that the luxury high lifestyler should be guaranteed an enhanced smoking experience though innovation, design, security, and simplicity.

The Flagship product, The Smoke-Box One, is an all-in-one high-end smoking kit designed and engineered with three basic premises. First is that everything should be in one convenient place in an unassuming yet high quality box. Second is that the quality of the components within are medical grade and the best of what the marketplace has to offer. If we were unhappy with a product we re-engineered it to make it better. And third is that the experience of every user of the Smoke-Box is unique and exceptional.
We design, manufacture and distribute products that live up to our beliefs. Traditionally people have had to purchase their components individually from various different companies and put them together in a case, which is sometimes a cigar case, sometimes a tea box and sometimes just a shoe box. None of these are purpose-built, not very many are stylish and even fewer are secure. We believe our clients deserve better.
At Smoke-Box.com we never stop innovating. Our second product, Roach Motel is already released. This is 12 hand blown glass tipped roaches in a jar with some tweezers and a pipe brush for easy cleaning. We are also in the process of releasing the distributor version. Smoke-Box 2 is also coming out soon. We are also in the process of redesigning many of the components in the Smoke-Box for the next version to improve the function or the quality or both.
Smoke-Box.com is an amalgamation of a great team. XYGZ is a designer and architect with an affinity for product development. Teaming up with The Rolling Paper Company who already had a solid foundation in the marijuana and tobacco accessories business was an easy match.
You can contact us by clicking here, using our in-web chat at the right bottom of page, or send us email to info@smoke-box.com